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St. John’s is committed to following the teachings of St. Vincent de Paul, whose mission included service, justice, charity, and advocacy. With more than 100 academic programs and five undergraduate schools, an education from St. John’s extends across three metropolitan New York campuses and around the world.
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As a Catholic university in New York City, we believe it’s vital to promote global citizenship. Located in one of the most culturally rich cities, we draw from that environment to instill a dedication to global harmony, development, and community.

In the Vincentian spirit, St. John ‘s is devoted to service and embraces the Judeo-Christian ideals of respect for the rights and dignity of every person and each individual’s responsibility for the world in which we live. As a student, you’ll become immersed in New York City’s diversity, its intellectual and artistic resources, as well as distinctive study abroad programs in Paris, Rome, and other cities. You’ll benefit from our Catholic tradition and become an empowered global citizen with the knowledge to respond to the educational, ethical, cultural, social, professional, and spiritual needs of a dynamic world.

Our supportive learning centers, unique courses, and experienced faculty prepare students to become leaders in today’s most relevant and influential industries.
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Academics at STJ

You’ll have every advantage you will need to thrive in your studies and gain a different perspective on learning. At St. John’s, we’re in tune with today’s evolving global community, and our curriculum is inspired by the diversity of our international student body. You’ll become immersed in culture, while the breadth of our majors will develop your unique talents and help you gain the skills to become an effective leader in your field.

  • Choose from more than 100 majors and concentrations
  • Learn from Fulbright Scholars and experienced professors
  • Start your career with top New York area employers like Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan Chase, the New York Stock Exchange, Pfizer, and Sony

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“No matter what your major or learning style, St. John’s provides great opportunities for you to develop academically. I’m privileged to study with outstanding professors, as well as so many supportive tutors who give me the guidance and personal attention I need to succeed.”

Reggie Davis
Business Management

Major Degree Campus College/School
Accounting BS Q, SI The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
Actuarial Science* BS Q, SI The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
Administrative Studies BS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Administrative Studies BS DL College of Professional Studies
Adolescence Education/Biology BS ED Q The School of Education
Adolescence Education/English BS ED Q, SI The School of Education
Adolescence Education/Mathematics BS ED Q, SI The School of Education
Adolescence Education/Physics BS ED Q The School of Education
Adolescence Education/Social Studies BS ED Q, SI The School of Education
Adolescence Education/Spanish BS ED Q The School of Education
Advertising Communication/Acct. Management BS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Advertising Communication/Creative Track BS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Advertising Communication/Media Planning and Buying BS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Anthropology BA Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Asian Studies BA Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Biology BS Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Biology/Optometry (7-year program affiliated with SUNY College of Optometry) **** BS/OD Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Biology/Podiatric Medicine (7-year program with New York College of Podiatric Medicine) **** BS/DPM Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Business Administration AS DL College of Professional Studies
Business Administration AS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Chemistry BS Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Childhood Education (1-6) BS ED Q, SI The School of Education
Childhood and Special Education (1-6) BS ED Q, SI The School of Education
Clinical Laboratory Sciences BSMT Q College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Communication Arts BS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Computer Science
- Business
- Computer Security Systems
- Healthcare Informatics
- Networking and Telecommunications
- Web Services
BS Q College of Professional Studies
Computer Science
- Electronic Data Processing
AS Q College of Professional Studies
Computer Science BA SI St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Computer Security Systems AS Q College of Professional Studies
Computer Security Systems
- Business
- Cyber Forensics
BS Q College of Professional Studies
Creative Photography*** BFA Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Criminal Justice AS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Criminal Justice AS DL College of Professional Studies
Criminal Justice
- Forensic Psychology
BS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Criminal Justice BS DL College of Professional Studies
Dramatic Arts, Film and Television BS Q College of Professional Studies
Economics BS Q The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
Economics BA Q, SI St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
English BA Q, SI St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Environmental Studies (Ecology) BS Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Environmental Studies (Social Science) BA Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Finance BS Q, SI The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
Fine Arts *** BFA Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
French BA Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Government and Politics BA Q, SI St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Graphic Design *** BFA Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Healthcare Informatics BS Q College of Professional Studies
Health and Human Services BS Q College of Professional Studies
History BA Q, SI St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Homeland Security BS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Hospitality Management BS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Illustration *** BFA Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Information Technology AS Q College of Professional Studies
Information Technology BS Q College of Professional Studies
Italian BA Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Journalism BS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Legal Environments of Enterprise BS Q College of Professional Studies
Legal Studies AS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Legal Studies BS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Liberal Arts AA Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Liberal Studies BA DL College of Professional Studies
Liberal Studies BA Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Management BS Q, SI The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
Management Information Systems BS Q The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
Marketing BS Q, SI The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
Mathematical Physics BS Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Mathematics BS Q, SI St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Networking and Telecommunications AS Q College of Professional Studies

Networking and Telecommunications
- Business

BS Q College of Professional Studies
Paramedic Program Certificate Q College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Pharmacy (6-year Pharm.D.)** Pharm D Q College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Philosophy BA Q, SI St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Photojournalism BS Q College of Professional Studies
Physical Science BS Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Physical Science/Pre-Engineering BS/BE Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Physician Assistant BS Q College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Physics BS Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Psychology BA Q, SI St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Public Administration and Public Service BA Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Public Relations BS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Radiologic Sciences BS Q College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Risk Management and Insurance * BS Q, SI The Peter J. Tobin College of Business
Social Studies BA SI St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Sociology BA Q, SI St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Spanish BA Q St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Speech Language Pathology and Audiology BA Q, SI St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Speech: Public Address BA Q, SI St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Sport Management BS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Television and Film AS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Television and Film BS Q, SI College of Professional Studies
Theology BA Q, SI St. John's College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
Toxicology BS Q College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences

Academic Excellence

Janine Flores

Janine Flores

Emerging from a field of outstanding entrants in a unique University competition, a 21-year-old biology major will serve as the “face of St. John’s” in a feature in Seventeen magazine this summer.

The winner, Janine Flores ‘12C, “embodies everything St. John’s stands for,” said Beth M. Evans, Vice President of Enrollment Management. The office held the contest in January to choose the student who will be featured in a full-page ad promoting the University in the June/July metropolitan issue of Seventeen.

Seventeen finalists were chosen from more than 180 students who participated in the contest. Representing the Queens, Staten Island and Manhattan campuses, the students submitted photos and responses to a detailed questionnaire. Student and administrative groups helped Evans to weigh the responses.

“Narrowing down these outstanding contestants was hard to do,” said Evans. “They all reflect the Vincentian heritage of excellence and service at the heart of our University.”

“This is a wonderful way to end my senior year at St. John’s,” said Janine. “I feel even more ready to take on the world.” She is the first person in her family to attend college.

In 2010, Janine was among the first students named Obama Scholars. Funded by President Obama’s Nobel Peace Prize, the awards went to outstanding Latino students nationwide. She also represented St. John’s at the first Bronx Education Summit, held in August, 2011.

Janine plans to attend medical school. A member of the McNair Scholars Program, which prepares underrepresented students for graduate studies, she served as a research assistant in the Brain/Gut Initiative at Columbia University; a volunteer at a rural hospital in Ecuador; and an intern with Global Potential, in the Dominican Republic.

“My fascination with medicine,” said Janine, “stems from the fact that it promises to cure, care and comfort. Through service at St. John’s, I developed something crucial for a doctor — a sense of what it means to be part of the fabric of humanity.”

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James Finnegan

James Finnegan

James Finnegan is a resident student from Washington, New Jersey, a rural town of roughly 5,000 citizens. He selected St. John’s from a pool of twenty universities, based on the strength of its accounting program and location in New York City. A Presidential Scholar and member of the Honors Program, James is pursuing a B.S/M.S degree in accounting, to be completed in 2013.

As the second oldest of ten children, James demonstrates a natural attentiveness to community service and the needs of others. On campus he has taken an active role in Campus Ministry, participating in Midnight Runs, St Nick’s Men’s Shelter, and Students for Life. He is also the treasurer for Circle K International, a campus minister student assistant, and serves as an overnight host/tour guide to incoming freshman. He has spent many summers in Spain, Mexico, and the Bronx helping to combat illiteracy among children, while devoting numerous winter breaks to ongoing recovery efforts in New Orleans, LA. Needless to say, he has taken the Vincentian call to action to heart in his efforts to serve his family, school, and community.

In his downtime, James enjoys playing trumpet in the Pep Band and attending New York Yankee games. He plays intramural softball and tennis, in addition to umpiring for Little League Baseball. James also takes full advantage of St. John’s proximity to Manhattan by exploring the multi-cultural museums, restaurants, parks, and landmarks that offer internationally acclaimed places of leisure to the adventurous college student. In his freshman year in particular, James attained a vast wealth of knowledge regarding in the ins and outs of the city, thanks to the weekly walking tours offered by his Honors Discover New York class.

Asked to share some of his favorite activities, James cited attending a performance of Il Barbiere di Siviglia (sponsored by the Honors Program), the 2009 playoffs at Yankee Stadium, and a night spent at a local homeless shelter with campus ministry as ‘defining memories of the incredible college experience offered by a Vincentian and Metropolitan University nestled in the heart of the greatest city in the world.’ He encourages incoming freshman to ‘immerse themselves in the wonderful social, service, and academic extracurricular opportunities present at St. John’s.’ As part of an on campus society or metropolitan organization, ‘students naturally develop professional leadership, communication, and social skills that translate directly to the workforce.’

James hopes to find future employment with a Fortune 500 company in the New York area and plans to make the most of his final years with the Red Storm. No matter the employer or city however, James has one simple directive when it comes to an occupation; as Abraham Lincoln so succinctly stated, ‘whatever you are, be a good one.’

Robert Kerns

Robert Kerns

Rob Kerns had always planned to be a New Jersey native for life. Plans changed when he received a full scholarship to St. John’s University, and proceeded to love the campus and the proximity of Queens to the city. He recalls, “I visited campus on a rainy and overcast day in January. When the tour was over, I told my parents that this was still the school for me.”

When he first told his father that he wanted to go to school in New York City, his dad told him, “New York will eat you alive.” Little did either of them know that New York City would prove to be a perfect fit. Not only is it the perfect distance from home, but it also allowed him to delve into the metropolitan aspect of the city.

St. John’s University also lead Rob to the Honors Program, which he says enhanced his experience in college. “The Honors Program really helped me to create a basis for friendship. Everybody was so welcoming. It truly becomes like a little community. There are people in the Honors Program that I will know for life. Hands down. I can’t say that about many people, but I know for sure that I’ve met people this year who I will always know.”

Rob has always done extremely well in Biology. His interest in science, in addition to his skills in working with people, led him to the pre-med program at St. John’s. “I am a Biology major, prospective government/politics minor, and in pre-med. This, in addition to the amount of extracurriculars that I’ve tried to immerse myself in, has really kept me busy.”

Rob made sure to take advantage of all extra-curriculars that the Honors Program offered him. In his freshman year alone, he partook in attending operas, ballets, Broadway plays, museum trips, and concerts. “The Honors Program offered me free opportunities to do things that most people never get to do. Once-in-a-lifetime experiences in a city that’s literally right here.”

The Honors Program also offered him and his peers a private “Honors Commons.” This proved invaluable during finals week, where quiet is much-needed.

In addition to the Honors Program, Rob has become involved in LEAD, Residence Life and Campus Ministry. “I was always involved in high school in such things as Operation Smile and Youth Ministry. When I transitioned to college, I wanted to keep that involvement going. St. John’s made it easy.”

In his first semester at St. John’s, Rob took the Honors Discover New York course and loved it. “A segment of the class was dedicated to walking tours of Manhattan. I would much rather personally witness the city than listen to a lecture about it. To me, there’s no comparison.”

In addition to learning about New York, Rob is also planning on studying abroad to learn about Europe. “St. John’s gives me a chance to experience life overseas. They have offered me so much in such a short time. I have learned so much here that I plan to implement for the rest of my life. I will never say no to them. I owe them a great college experience.”

Carla Marian

Carla Marian

Two adjectives best describe Carla Marian: industrious and compassionate. Even as she has maintained a perfect academic record, she has extended herself to support others. Throughout high school she helped her struggling classmates with test preparation, organizational skills, and study habits. She has tutored in mathematics and has worked with at-risk elementary school children in this capacity. Since entering St. John’s in 2010, Carla has used her trilingual ability (Romanian, French, and English) to work with Eastern European international students to improve their spoken and written English.

Carla’s industry is also evident in her work outside of school. She is personable, outgoing, and an excellent representative of any organization for which she works, whether a local physician or a local restaurant.

A New Yorker from Sunnyside, Queens, with family origins in Romania, Carla attended Archbishop Molloy High School and was a member of the National Honor Society, a winner of Molloy’s Academic Achievement Award for comprehensive excellence throughout her high school years as well as the national Congressional Recognition Award for 2010. She also received the designation “AP Scholar for 2010” upon graduation from high school.

Carla entered St. John’s in the fall of 2010 as a management major and Presidential Scholar in the Tobin College of Business. She made herself a presence on campus almost immediately and continues to work in a number of service-related projects on campus as well as in the Writing Center.

Though Business is the area in which Carla’s organizational skills really shine, she excels in everything she attempts. She enjoys reading and was a superstar in her core honors literature course writing literary criticism with the skill of someone twice her age. Carla appreciates the smaller classes and personal attention the Honors Program offers her. She notes that were it not for her honors classes, she would probably not have made so many friends across all the colleges of the University. We in the Honors Program feel very fortunate that she is one of ours.

Kay Mordeno

Kay Mordeno

Studying abroad is not new for Staten Island campus student Kay Mordeno. During her third year in high school, she was sent to Japan as a Filipino Youth Ambassador in a year-long student exchange program. Together with several other participants from different Asian countries, Kay immersed herself in Japan’s unique culture and traditions while she studied Japanese and Biotechnology like an ordinary high school student. She lived with a host family throughout the program and learned how to be fully independent from her real parents and siblings back in the Philippines. Gaining such a wonderful and memorable experience of studying abroad, Kay was enthralled when she learned that St. John’s University offers Discover the World, an opportunity of studying in three different European countries in one semester. Moreover, during her Honors orientation as an incoming freshman, she found out that there are numerous opportunities of studying in other countries around the globe through St. John’s network and affiliations with other universities and institutions.

Surprisingly, Kay did not expect that her dream of setting foot on a foreign land would be realized once more during the winter intersession of her freshman year. She became one of the participants in a two-week service learning experience and trip to Rome that has recently been created and offered to freshmen Honors students. During her stay at St. John’s campus in Italy, she was exposed to the Eternal City’s lifestyle and culture, and was awestruck by the architectural wonders and historical remnants of the ancient Roman Empire. She was able to know more about the history of Rome and exercise her Christian core values by volunteering in soup kitchens around the city. Although the program only lasted for a short while in contrast to her year-long experience in Japan, she gained a lot of precious memories with her fellow Honors students and definitely enjoyed the campus life abroad.

Back in Staten Island, Kay actively participates in various activities and academic lectures offered by the school. She contributes articles to the StormFront Newspaper, and takes advantage of the free Broadway shows and other musical performances at the Lincoln Center, which are made possible through the Honors program. She has even attended two conferences in the United Nations in Manhattan through St. John’s Multicultural Affairs and regards this event as one of the most important academic experiences she has ever had as a college student.

Aspiring to become a Certified Financial Analyst in the future and eventually work at World Bank, Kay feels that studying at St. John’s University and becoming a part of the Honors Program bridges the gap that once existed between her and her dreams. As a well-rounded student with exceptional talents in writing, drawing, singing, and acting, Kay aims to attain academic excellence as well as hone her other abilities through participating in numerous activities and programs offered by the university. Now that she is studying at a school, which is situated in the financial capital and most diverse city in the world, she believes that she would be able to expand her horizons and develop her character even more as she spends her remaining years of college life at St. John’s. Having recently migrated from the Philippines with her family, Kay also hopes to learn more about New York City and at the same time, discover the world through her own eyes as she gains various perspectives about life.

Alyssa-Rae Hug

Alyssa-Rae Hug

“Close enough to visit often, but far enough to live on campus” is how Alyssa-Rae Hug, Class of ‘13, describes her home in Farmingdale, on Long Island. Always a motivated student, her reason for applying to college was to continue learning. She had enjoyed, utilized and exhausted high school, and it was time to move on to a school that would offer that extra challenge.

“I originally never planned on applying to St. John’s, but fate led me down the right path.” Offered a Presidential scholarship and a place in the Honors Program, Alyssa-Rae visited campus, and immediately could feel herself there, living, working, playing. She shadowed an upperclassman, and met with professors in her varied fields of interest, such as French, Linguistics and Government & Politics, but the most influential part of her day was her private tour with Dr. Forman, Honors Director. “I could see that the University offered something more than an education,” she said. “There was a personal attention I felt from the professors, especially Dr. Forman, and an enthusiasm from the school in general.” She sat in on Dr. Forman’s Core Global Literature class, and felt that this was the challenge and passion she was looking for.

Alyssa-Rae entered St. John’s as an undecided major in September, 2009: “It’s not that I don’t know what I like; it’s that I like too many subjects!” says Alyssa-Rae. St. John’s proved to be a perfect fit for her desire to learn “everything about everything.” The core curriculum offered her a chance to take courses for the first time in philosophy, theology, rhetoric, and more. And, with the guidance of the Honors program and the Freshman Center, she found herself in classes focused on other interests, too. In her year here, she has narrowed her interests to English, Government, French and Rhetoric, and continues to determine the make-up of her degree. “All four programs are so great—the professors are so helpful and knowledgeable, the classes fascinating, and the other students, especially those in my Honors courses, are amazing. And a double major is so possible!”

Alyssa-Rae has also taken advantage of the many extra-curricular activities offered on campus at St. John’s. In addition to participating in numerous Honors Program events, such as Dr. Forman’s Tea and Sympathy, Uncommon Hours, and more, Alyssa-Rae has also joined such organizations as Debate Society, Donovan Residence Hall Council, Student Government, Inc., French Club, LEAD and Women in Leadership. She has also enjoyed the community service opportunities available at St. John’s, such as University Service Day, when she volunteered at the Special Olympics with her Honors Discover New York class, and a weekly high school tutoring program at nearby Lourdes Academy.

Though living on campus took a bit of adjustment from home, Alyssa-Rae loved the experience of living in the Honors Housing. She was able to live alongside those she was learning with in the classroom, and build friendships and bonds with her fellow Honors students. As Alyssa-Rae exuberantly stated of the Honors Housing in her speech at the Honors Program’s Admissions Dinner in April, “We are a strong support system of hardworking students and caring friends, who share a love for our books and each other.”

Tamara Terzian

Tamara Terzian

Tamara (known to all as Tami) Terzian, a life-long resident of Queens, New York, has looked forward to attending St. John's University since she entered high school at St. Francis Prep. The close bond between the two schools made St. John's the perfect next step in continuing her education, and when she received the offer of a Presidential Scholarship, her decision was clear. As salutatorian of her high school class, Tami gave the opening speech at her graduation ceremony which, appropriately enough, was held in Carnesecca Arena. She had no inkling of the myriad of opportunities that lay in store for her in her first year at St. John's.

The two years Tami spent as editor-in-chief of St. Francis Prep's newspaper, The Seraph, sparked her interest in journalism, leading her to enter the College of Professional Studies, in which she has learned much about the field. She is currently exploring her interests in journalism and public relations, hoping to make use of and foster her skills and passion for writing and working with people.

To her delight, Tami immediately found many extracurricular activities at St. John's similar to those she had participated in at St. Francis Prep. Happy to discover something similar to the liturgical ensemble she had sang in at the Prep, she joined the Music Ministry Choir, and now sings for the student masses at St. Thomas More Church on campus on Sunday evenings. She is grateful for the spiritual growth she has experienced this year and for the Christian community she has found through St. John's Campus Ministry and InterVarsity Christian Fellowship.

When she became one of the first flutes accepted into the St. John's Pep Band this year, Tami gained a new appreciation for sports and more specifically the St. John's athletic tradition. Playing in the Pep Band has broadened her horizons from a high school auditorium stage to the world-famous Madison Square Garden. She even got to travel with the band this past March to play in Oklahoma and California during the Women's NCAA Basketball Tournament, watching St. John's history in the making as the women made their first "Sweet 16" appearance.

Tami considers the Honors Program an invaluable part of her St. John's experience. She is grateful for the opportunities it has provided her, both inside and outside the classroom. Whether it was developing relationships that would span beyond the semester with honors students and professors in her first semester speech, theology, and Discover New York classes; attending various honors social events, such as "Tea and Sympathy" meetings with Dr. Forman, the Honors Freshman Welcome luncheon, and the Valentine's Day cookie decorating party; or taking honors trips such as the one where she learned about marine wildlife with fellow students aboard a schooner on Oyster Bay, Tami feels the Honors Program has deeply enriched her education from all angles. As a student worker in the honors office, she is happy to be a part of what she considers "the heart of the program," constantly meeting new honors students and benefiting from the guidance of the Honors Program administrators.

Tami is eager to begin her newly received student ambassador position in the fall, so she can give tours of the campus and show future students all of the opportunities St. John's has to offer them, just as it has offered her.

Olivia Cunningham

Olivia Cunningham

Olivia Cunningham is a Presidential Scholar majoring in journalism. She is a member of Chamber Music Society, the LEAD student leadership program, and a copy editor at the Torch newspaper. This list of extracurricular involvements would be enough to keep anyone busy, but somehow Olivia also finds time to devote to assisting at the Office of Alumni Relations and Student Support Services.

Oddly enough, the qualities that make St. John’s distinctive—its location in New York City and its strong Catholic and Vincentian identity—were exactly what Olivia wasn’t looking for, but these are the things that she has most come to love about her time here. She has enjoyed the spiritual aspects of St. John’s, regularly attending mass and campus ministry events at St. Thomas More Church on campus and spending her first spring break on a service trip to Appalachia. She plans on completing a minor in theology.

Going to school in New York City means than an adventure is always just around the corner. Olivia has explored Manhattan through various University and Honors Program events, including Dr. Forman’s walking tours, the annual Discover New York trip to Ellis Island, and guided tours of the Metropolitan Museum of Art conducted by several different faculty members.

Olivia knows that she will never forget her time at St. John’s University, no matter where she ultimately decides to direct her talents (perhaps marketing, print journalism, or homeschooling her children). Olivia will always appreciate the positive impact that St. John’s and the University Honors Program has had on her.

Katelyn Liesner ‘12C

student image

Environmental Studies
St. Johns College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

“I read about the environmental degradation in the Aegean Islands and their problems with toxic waste entering the water supply, so I’ll be composing a management plan for each of the islands. I took a class on Resource Management last year, and I want to apply that knowledge in a particular way. I’m more excited as September draws near, and hopefully working with underprivileged communities, which St. John’s has encouraged, is something I can do throughout my career.”

Boris Chiporukha ’10G

student image

St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

“This is a dream come true. I wanted to do something bigger—something outside my comfort zone. When I am doing my studies in Ukraine, I want to gather as much information as possible, reaching out to universities, consulates and embassies that can help me. I want to establish a presence there and show them that an American-Ukrainian has returned to build bridges.”

Sarah Alam 12’C

student image

St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

“In order to truly appreciate and familiarize myself with the culture of the people of Bangladesh, I wish to step into the shoes of a typical Bangladeshi and participate in all of the cultural festivals and holidays, including Ekushey February, Pôhela Boishakh and Bijoy Dibosh. Another goal of mine is to learn more about the politics, history, sociology, and economy of Bangladesh. As a Bangladeshi American, both of my cultural identities and nationalities are equally important to me.”

Patrick Homeyer ‘12C

student image


St. John’s College of Liberal Arts and Sciences

“I was looking for a sense of adventure before graduate school. I wanted to go somewhere I never would otherwise and experience the language and culture of that place. I’ll be teaching English to university students in Bahrain. To prepare for that, I’m studying Arabic. I hope I’ll be conversational by the time I arrive. The competition for Fulbright is fierce, and receiving one is a great honor.”

Jessica Corsaro ‘15GEd

student image

Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages
(TESOL) (K-12)
The School of Education

“I’ve been fascinated by people, languages and cultures of Africa since I was young. My heart is there. There are 45 different indigenous cultures in Kenya, and I want to study how they interact culturally and linguistically in schools there. How does their curriculum approach that kind of diversity? I plan to bring that data back to the United States and apply it to a city like New York, where there is incredible diversity in every public school. I’m so grateful for the opportunity.”

Kelly Rivera ‘02CPS, ‘11GEd

student image

Childhood Education and TESOL (K-12)
The School of Education

“Upon my return to the United States, I look forward to sharing what I have learned in my time in Malta—not only with my future students, but also with my colleagues. I am excited about the idea of sharing a truly global perspective on teaching that could be beneficial to me as well as an entire educational community.”

Internships are a wonderful way to gain on-site work experience either directly related to your major or your career interest. In today's highly competitive job market, a degree alone often is not enough to secure desired employment. Many employers are interested in graduates who possess hands-on, applicable work experience.
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Increase your marketability and lay the foundation for your future career. St. John’s matches you with top New York area employers like Madison Square Garden, Deloitte, Ernst & Young, and North Shore-LIJ Hospital, as well as the CIA, FBI, and NYPD.

  • Have “Career Conversations” with top-notch organizations like Random House, NBC Universal, the NFL, and the EPA
  • Meet with alumni working at the U.S. Capitol and the New York Yankees through our “Insider’s View”
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“There are so many advantages to being a St. John’s student in New York City, especially when you’re ready to start your career. In addition to the career center and guidance from advisors, the campus career fair offers an outstanding opportunity to meet with companies and make business connections. Just two days after my first visit to the fair, I received a call from a company and started an internship there the following week. Since then, I’ve interned at two other companies that have already spoken to me about a position after I graduate.”

Winston Wint, Jr.
Communication Arts

Esteemed Faculty

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St. John's University employs 1,195 full and part-time faculty members, 90 percent of whom hold advanced degrees. Our tradition of cultivating excellence in teaching and other academic pursuits is well known. For example, the St. John's Center for Teaching and Learning actively promotes the scholarly and creative achievements of our esteemed faculty in the New York area and Europe. The Center also provides programs and opportunities for faculty to continually strengthen their instructional skills. And with an 18:1 student/faculty ratio, St. John's is well equipped to provide undergraduate and graduate students with the encouragement and individual attention they need to fully develop and realize their academic potential.

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Our students exemplify the values of our Vincentian tradition, which focuses on service, community, and compassion for others.
Learn to Make A Difference

In the spirit of St. Vincent de Paul, our Vincentian heritage is devoted to service, global harmony, community, and making a difference in the lives of others.

  • Develop solutions for poverty and social injustice through our Vincentian Institute for Social Action
  • Participate in fulfilling community experiences like Midnight Runs, University Service Day or Service Plunges in Philadelphia,New Orleans, Panama and other sites around the world
  • Join our prestigious group of Ozanam Scholars, who use solutions-based research to effect positive change
St. John’s University Community Service (Community Service, 1:20) Service at STJ (Community Service, 1:23)
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“At St. John’s, you’ll have the opportunity to become highly involved in service activities. There are a variety of options for you to give back and promote positive change, whether you participate in University Service Day or become an Ozanam Scholar, like me. As an Ozanam Scholar, I support the local community, as well as contribute to communities across the globe. My experience has allowed me to lend a hand in making a difference in the world.”

Charity Cast
Business Management/Social Justice

As part of our Catholic and Vincentian heritage, “service-learning” is an action, not just a phrase.
You Won’t Just Be Educated, You’ll Be Inspired
Catholic Tradition at STJ (1:35)

Our Vincentian heritage empowers students from all faiths to make the world a better place. The Catholic influence at St. John’s embodies values such as a fundamental respect for human dignity and a commitment to the common good, helping you grow as an individual and promote a positive change in the world.

  • Become a part of St. John’s chapter of Habitat for Humanity or Students for Global Justice
  • Put your faith into action and work with campus ministry to make Catholic Social Teaching a vibrant part of your education
  • Join over 1,200 students from our 2011 graduating class who took a service pledge to dedicate at least ten hours a month to service


You know what a powerful intellectual and social resource our Catholic schools are — for America and the world. Catholic and Vincentian, St. John’s University exemplifies this tradition, offering students an acclaimed education that builds the knowledge, skills and confidence to become ethical leaders for our global society. To further develop our commitment to preparing Catholic students for ethical leadership, St. John's offers the following Catholic scholarship opportunities:

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“The Catholic influence at St. John’s has been an inspiring influence on my college experience. I’ve grown as an individual and I’m empowered to succeed because of the values instilled through service, campus ministry and the curriculum. I believe faith is a major contributor to why St. John’s students have such accepting personalities and a devotion to community.”

Angel Kalra

New York, New York

Discover NY
St. John’s students take advantage of the University’s location and experience New York City’s famous sights and attractions, such as Times Square, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, St. Patrick’s Cathedral, and Central Park.
A World At Your Doorstep
Student Life at STJ (Student Life/NYC, 1:41)STJ Location (NYC, 1:25)

Locals simply call it “the City” because no other metropolis can compare. As a St. John’s student, you become a New Yorker.

New York City will be your classroom as you meet with faculty at famed sites like Central Park, the Museum of Modern Art, Ellis Island, and Greenwich Village.

  • Explore the rich cultural, educational, and artistic resources of New York City through our Discover New York course
  • Take a short trip to Manhattan on our campus shuttle service
  • Make professional connections and intern at some of the most influential companies in the world, ranging from MTV and Morgan Stanley to the U.S. Secret Service
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The World Is Your Classroom

Students have the opportunity to study abroad and participate in service at exciting locations around the world like Paris, Rome, Panama, and India.
Become a Global Citizen

St. John’s students are conscious of the world around them and develop vital leadership skills in a culturally rich environment. We encourage all students to embrace the diversity found on campus, in New York City, and in cities around the world. We also offer financial aid to qualified students to help meet the cost of studying abroad.

  • Make friends from a student body comprised of students from 116 countries and 47 states
  • Take your first college course abroad at one of our European campuses in Rome or Paris through our 10-day Global Passport Program
  • Be cultured - U.S. News & World Report ranks St. John’s in the top 10 among national universities for ethnic diversity and top 100 for most international students
Go Global at St. John’s University (International Study, 0:51) St. John’s University Global Community (International Study, 1:34)
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“As a native Jamaican, I wanted to attend a university that embraced many different cultures — that’s why I came to St. John’s. I was enticed by the way St. John’s puts a major emphasis on helping students become global citizens. From the start of my freshman year, I was already being encouraged to study abroad and participate in service missions around the world. At St. John’s, you’ll understand the difference in culture, religion and language, so you can communicate effectively wherever you go.”

Anna-Kay Morgan

The Perfect Storm of Competition

Whether on campus or at Madison Square Garden, enthusiastic students fill the stands and support the Red Storm with passion
A Big East tradition more than 100 years in the making!
STJ Athletics (Athletics, 1:18) 2011 Athletic Highlights Video (Athletics, 7:48)

We don’t just let it rain … we make it Storm.

  • Join the Red Storm and our 17 NCAA Division I men and women’s athletic teams
  • Our student-athletes train in state-of-the-art facilities, including Taffner Field House and Carnesecca Arena
  • Follow the Red Storm to New York City and support our nationally ranked men’s basketball team in the world’s most famous arena — Madison Square Garden
  • Learn, train and play under the guidance of our renowned coaching staff. Leaders like the coach of the 2008 USA Olympic fencing team bring world-class experience to Red Storm sports
Student Image

“St. John’s is the perfect stage to showcase your talents. You’ll be challenged by the competitiveness of the BIG EAST and supported by passionate fans. Another advantage is New York City. Being in the city allows us to play at venues like Madison Square Garden – that’s not an opportunity every student athlete gets to experience. In addition to our Division I athletics, we also have a variety of intramural teams for recreational athletes. So whether you want to compete at the Garden, cheer in the stands or play on the Great Lawn, there’s something for you at St. John’s.”

Tom Manes
Marketing Management

Get Involved (2:28) Green Campus (2:07) Staten Island Campus (5:01) DAC Student and Academic Center Coke Happiness
An Incredible Sense of Community

Share interests and make lifelong friends by joining one of the 180 student clubs on our distinctive campuses in Queens, Manhattan, and Staten Island. At St. John’s, you’ll feel at home with an exciting array of residence life options to fit your lifestyle needs.

  • Benefit from our recent campus enhancements, including our environmentally progressive D’Angelo Center, which houses student lounges, a Starbucks, and a new dining hall
  • Stay connected on our high-tech, completely wireless campus
  • Get involved - participate in an acclaimed mock trial, take a Ferris wheel ride at our Spring Fling, or join an ultimate Frisbee league

Whether you are a commuter or on-campus resident, you need to get involved. This is the time to make friends, make connections, join organizations, find your place in college, and make your mark.

Get Involved Queens  |  Get Involved SI  |  Get Involved NYC

Choose a Residence Option:

On-Campus QueensOn-Campus Staten IslandCommuter

Campus Security Report/Missing Student Procedures/Fire Prevention

Statistics are available for the present year and previous years concerning crimes that occurred on campus, in or on non-campus buildings or property, public property, or residence halls.

The Advisory Committee on Campus Safety will provide upon request all campus crime statistics as reported to the United States Department of Education. You can view the University's campus crime statistics in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (PDF). This information is also available from the United States Department of Education online at www.ope.ed.gov/security. If you have any questions or require additional information, please contact Public Safety at 718-990-6281.

Procedures for reporting a missing student are available in the Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (PDF). Printed copies of the statistics and missing student procedures are available upon request from Public Safety at 718-990-6281.

Information on fire safety policies is located at Fire Safety.

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“St. John’s is a vibrant campus with so many options to get involved. I love the sense of community and the seemingly limitless opportunities. There is always something going on, from career fairs and networking dinners to concerts and intramural sports. Student life at St. John’s is a mirror image of what makes living in New York City so special with the different cultures, religions and personalities that come together to form a unique environment you won’t find anywhere else.”

Shirley Zhao

After St. John’s

Mike Repole
Our successful alumni know what it's like to be a St. John's student, and also what it's like to do what's necessary to get a great career when you graduate. They're ready to help you succeed as a student today so that you can grab the brass ring and snag a great career tomorrow.
A vast alumni network

Once you graduate from St. John’s, you’ll join a strong network of 170,000 alumni, 82% of whom live in the New York Metropolitan Area! They know what it takes to develop an exciting career and are eager to share their advice.

In fact, St. John’s has developed programs to connect you to these alumni while you are a student. They are called the Alumni Insider's View… for a reason. Our alumni will give you a behind-the-scenes look at some of the most interesting and exciting careers available today, as well as show you what you need to do to get into them. You'll get a wealth of information and practical skills to help you succeed in college and to move successfully into your chosen career when you graduate. How great is that?

We offer a wide variety of programs, each one focusing on different skills that will help you excel. You'll learn how to ace your job interviews, how to exhibit proper business etiquette, how to prepare for life after college, and so much more. These events will help you get the most out of St. John's and provide you with the resources you need to begin a successful career after graduation.

Student Testimonials

  • “It was more than what I expected. It was great. Listening to these successful alumni was very beneficial. It’s like bringing real life experience into the lecture, into the classroom- all combined. There’s no other way to put it, Alumni Insider’s View…New York State Capital was great  I enjoyed it very much.”Brendan Doy ’11TCB
  • “Alumni Insider’s View…New York State Capital was really good in terms of seeing the capital for what it really is because, like the panelists were saying, the media kind of distorts what actually goes on. It was great to be exposed to people who work really hard and people who come from similar backgrounds that you do and make it work for them.”Fawn Lee ’11C
  • “I would definitely say go for it [the program], because at Alumni Insider’s View…New York State Capital you get to see the inside of something that you don’t read about in the books or learn about in class. You meet people who really share their personal experiences, really give you their background and tell you much more than what they would tell an outsider. We get better information and it shows that the alumni really care.”Anastasia Zhukova ’10MBA
  • “Whether you’re interested in Law, Government or Pharmacy, it’s great just to be in this situation where all these alumni are so willing to help. For every student, there lies an invaluable opportunity to learn from our alumni.”Gary Dunn ’13CPS
  • “It’s amazing how much our alumni truly care. I feel more confident than ever knowing that our alumni support system – as this program made clear – is truly incredible.”Joseph E. Reigadas ’13L
  • “A lot of business people interview their potential employees at restaurants. That’s why this Alumni Insider’s View…Program was so helpful. It answered a lot of the little questions I had about how to act in that situation, providing me with information I’ll definitely need to know when I graduate.”Michelle Cunningham ’12C
  • “I received a lot of good advice from the alumni panelists. One of the pointers that I was able to take from the event is that it’s all about networking. It’s one thing to apply for a job and submit a resume somewhere, but it’s really about establishing a network and going beyond that to create a connection.”Marcial Zebaze ’12TCB
  • “An event like this is priceless, especially for those of us who are about to graduate or are in our last year of graduate school. I gained some great knowledge and insight, not only into what these alumni do, but also how they became so successfully, how they first began their careers and how St. John’s helped them to become the person they are today. It was helpful to meet these alumni, make contacts, learn a little bit more about what opportunities are out there and find out what we can do to set ourselves apart from other individuals looking for jobs.”Matthew Coleman ’10TCB, ’12MBA
  • “The panelists opened my mind on so many subjects. Most notably, I learned that the majority of career paths don’t follow a straight line. There are actually many different ways you can break into the professional world, and the alumni helped to make that clear.”Stephanie Coirin ’12C
  • “I came into St. John’s completely undecided about my major, and I was nervous about it. But meeting so many alumni and hearing their stories helped me realize that figuring out your major, and your eventual career path, is a long-term process. I met alumni working as FBI agents, TV and film writers and business professionals, and they all had a unique journey. I eventually decided to study Hospitality Management, and thanks to these events, I’ve landed some great internships and made important connections.”Gabrielle Norton ’13CPS
  • “The alumni don’t just tell you clichés like ‘follow your dreams.’ That wouldn’t be very helpful. Instead, they’re very honest with students, openly discussing not only their success, but the problems they encountered along the way. They give out their business cards and I know that when I graduate, I’ll be getting in touch with a number of them.”Stephanie Mazzone ’12CPS

Alumni Testimonials

  • “It’s virally important that there is a spirit of collegiality in all the facets of the University. The Alumni Insider’s View…New York State Capital brings together some of the University’s most accomplished students and we get to meet with them in an educational setting with the panels but also in a social setting with the network. This is crucially important. You can see the interaction between the students and the alumni is just superb.”Mark T. O’Rourke, Esq. ’02L
  • “I think it’s wonderful. I found that St. John’s really reaches out to the alumni. When I was in school I never had these opportunities to be able to network with alumni. St. John’s is very sensitive to that, and Alumni Insider’s View…New York State Capital is a great example of it.”Eli N. Avila, M.D., J.D., MDH, FCLM, Esq. ’03L
  • “With St. John’s there’s a feeling that you have a privilege of getting this type of education and so with that privilege comes that certain responsibility to give back and it’s always an honor to meet others in a positions as I was at one time. Some people helped me who were alumni and I feel this special obligation and a desire to help them as well. Being part of Alumni Insider’s View…New York State Capital allowed me to do that in a real way.”Peter Gemellaro, Esq. ’93L
  • “There’s a big difference between ‘the real world’ and the classroom, and there always has been. Back when I was a student, we had no idea what went on behind the scenes at an actual company. This program allows you to come to Wall Street, see it with your own eyes and speak with alumni. You can learn from our mistakes, and that’s incredibly beneficial for students.”Steve Murphy ’81CBA
  • “It’s vital that students see alumni who have walked the same path as them, who have gone through the same journey… Students leave here with a renewed sense of motivation, and I’m glad to be a part of it.”Thomas G. Anderson ’80CBA, ’86MBA
  • “I remember a few years ago sitting in the audience watching alumni, thinking, ‘Wow, will I ever get there?’ Now, I’m more than happy to give back to a new crop of students, and it’s definitely a great feeling to know that I can impact these young men and women.”Sara Silvestri ’10CPS

Alumni Insiders View Program

We invite our alumni to become a part of the Alumni Insider’s View Program, a great way to help students make the most of all that St. John’s has to offer and get a head start on a rewarding career after graduation.

Last fall, more than 800 students attended at least one of 24 AIV events. They benefitted from the personal expertise of over 150 alumni who are committed to helping them succeed in college and develop the skills necessary to begin a rewarding career after graduation.

This year, it can be your turn to become a part of these very special programs.

New York Hospitality: Students Tour Times Square's Marriott Marquis Politics Come Alive for St. John's Students Alumnae Professionals Inspire Students at Women and Leadership

The Value of St. John’s

Academics, service, personal growth, success, connections, opportunity, diversity...all combined into a global experience.
More than an education
Value/Affordability at St. John's University (1:35)

Here’s why St. John’s University is the best option for you:

  • One of The Wall Street Journal’s Top 100 Colleges most likely to help students land jobs in key careers and professions.
  • More than 100 majors and career paths combine classroom instruction with real-world experience, giving St. John’s grads a head start in the job market or graduate school.
  • Campuses in New York City, Rome, Italy, and Paris, France.
  • Generous academic and merit scholarships and financial aid make St. John’s one of the best values among other top tier institutions.

Click here for more information

Financial Aid TV

Our affordable education transcends the classroom

image image image image image image image image image image image image
Student Image

“I was first interested in St. John’s because of its big name and great reputation, and then I fell in love with the campus. The community atmosphere is so great—all my professors know me by name. I never thought I’d be studying abroad, but I’m so glad that St. John’s encourages students to get outside the classroom and be challenged through international service. It’s really shaped me as a leader, and I hope to use both of my degrees to make a difference. We students overall are just so proud to represent the school. We’re proud that St. John’s has a loving environment that gives us everything we need to succeed—not just academically, but as a whole person. It’s the best fit for any student wanting to get out there and make a positive change.”

Eva Marie Nabavi
Speech-Language Pathology